The Delightful Knights are back on track.
Deneus - 15:36 19. January 2007

The Delightful Knights are back on track, this time on the server Shattered Halls. However, we are not going to raise up a big guild this time, just a small time guild for ourselves and some friends.

The end of The Delightful Knights.
Deneus - 23:44 17. September 2005

Hello everyone, and thanks for reading this.

As many of you may have noticed, the guild has taken a turn for the worse over the last few weeks.
Fewer and fewer runs, and hardly any activity on that part from anyone, has taken its toll. Alot of people has left the guild, and alot have probably been contemplating to do the same lately. And frankly, I dont blame them.

Our plans for TDK were huge in the beginning, we had it all lined up, and most of the things were actually running pretty smoothly.
However, we soon came to realise that running a large guild, and large events like Molten Core, Onyxia and such, are pretty demanding of the officers and guildmaster. Time that we, unfortunately, dont have anymore, as more and more of us have started working shifts and such, giving less time to play the game as much as we would like.

So with this notice, we are now informing that the guild is going to disband, in a way that is. We (the officers) are going to keep this guild for our alt.chars, and ourself going onwards to other guilds. You are ofcourse free to stay in TDK for as long as you like, however, we will not invite any new members to the guild, nor will there be any events organized from the officers/GM of TDK. Our website and forum will stay up for as long as we have hosting, to have a memory of these good times. So, unless you really, really, REALLY like the guildname, there isn't much to stay for.

I would like to extend my greatest thanks to all of you for making this a good guild to stay in. You are all a wonderful bunch of people, and I wish you all the best in you future escapades in the wonderful World of Warcraft. Hopefully, our paths will cross in the game, so we can reminesh of times long past, when we all used to be The Delightful Knights of Shattered Hand.

So, on behalf of myself and all the officers here in The Delightful Knights:
Thank you all, and have a good future.

- Deneus, GM of The Delightful Knights.

The Delightful Knights
17th of February 2005 - 17th of September 2005
Rest in peace.

Great things are happening!
Kazuo - 15:47 27. August 2005

We, The Deligthful Knights have cleaned up our guild a little, so now we've only got members above lvl 40. All those who were below this level, have now been kicked, but dont fret! A low-level recruiting guild have been established, The Delightful Squires, where you can always apply if you're below 50.

Now we only accept members above level 50, however, we if you already know someone in TDK, we might let people as low as 40 join. This will be concidered from case to case.

We now count in over 30 level 60's, and we've got 66 members total - with several pushing 60, so we're really looking forward to the things that we'll soon be able to hit up, like Onyxia and Molten Core.

According to, we're now one of the 50 biggest guilds on Shattered Hand realm, if you want to see an always-up-to-date list of our members, check our Warcraft Census page at
Race and class statistics are avaiable here.

Zul'Gurub & Arathi Basin
Myrddin - 10:13 16. August 2005

Zul'Gurub, the new dungeon is worth a look.

Also check out Arathi Basin which is a whole new battleground under development.

Looking forward to them both! *oh joy*

And remember kids, uncle Sam watches you! ^^

Myrddin - 9:48 4. August 2005

There's gonna be a fishing extravaganza in Stranglethorn.
More info:

Battleground goes live!
Myrddin - 21:30 8. June 2005

Battleground was included in the patch today and I assume we all will have a gay old time playing! :D

Myrddin - 9:24 26. May 2005

There's a planned SM run today for those who haven't noticed.. I will not be joining as I am doing my exams, but you others gotta join up. Make yourselves active! :D

Myrddin - 10:58 6. May 2005

An update came for xfire today, and I would like to say that everyone should get xfire and write their info on the forums. This is a great alternative for us gamers instead of using this MSN shit. ;)

So.. Jump to and take a look!

New weekly Maintenance
Myrddin - 9:54 5. May 2005

.."In response to player input, the European weekly maintenance hours have been changed. Starting May 11th, Europe�s new maintenance window will be on Wednesday mornings from 5:00 am until 11:00 am CEST (Central European Summer Time). If a patch is applied during maintenance, then the window will be from 3:00 am until 11:00 am CEST.

This week�s maintenance will go ahead for the last time on Friday morning from 5:00 am until 11:00 am CEST."..

It seems that they have taken to their senses and changed the day and hours of the maintenance. I've been more at home friday mornings than wednesday mornings. ;)

Honorpoints for the week distributed
Deneus - 11:38 29. April 2005

So it seems that the honor/contribution-points for this week has been distributed, and for anyone who have risen in the ranks, its now possible to buy the Honor system perks that you are eligable for.

For most of us, its probably rank 1 as of now (atleast for me), and that gives you the possibility to purchase a tabard of some sort (i am going to buy one very soon, will post a screenshot when i do).

As for now, heres a small screenshot ;)

The PvP Honor-system
Kazuo - 11:09 24. April 2005

As my partner in crime, Deneus, mentioned in the post below the PvP Honor system is now alive and kicking.

I spent most of Friday evening downloading the damn patch (if you still haven't gotten the patch, get it from WoW Guru).

After the patch, noone is safe and soloing is pretty much a bitch (depending on where you hang out, of course). Strangetorn Vale is a warzone now, and Tarren Mill is a huge f**king battleground. Dig this screenie.

We are always on the lookout for new and active members, so drop us a line if you're looking for a guild.

Honor system released on EU- servers
Deneus - 21:05 22. April 2005

With todays patch came the new Honor system. Plenty of PvP action where ever you turn today.
Pics will come soon ;)

More instances
Deneus - 2:54 17. April 2005

As many of our guildmembers start reaching the 35+ barrier, more and more interest for heading to instances emerge.

Here's a couple of shots from our latest instance-runs.

Deneus, Alvarin, Kazuo and Lucina, having reached the end of the Scarlet Monastary.

Deneus, Lucina and Alvarin taking a break on top of the bone-pile in Razorfen Downs.

Sorry about the lack of good pictures, however im more busy trying to fight :p

Anywho, be sure to tag along when we head out to an instance :)

Kazuo - 9:31 10. April 2005

It's been rather slow on this site lately, but that's mostly because we're all busy playing World of Warcraft. Two of our noble guildmembers have gotten their mounts, while others are soon there as well.

We've also been doing a couple of raidevents, and here are some group-pictures I've taken on these. (We weren't many, but since we're so f*cking badass, we don't need to be ;))

SpanMassan, Kazuo & Deneus

Deneus, Lucina, Kazuo & Alvarin

Lucina, Deneus, Kazuo & Alvarin

The guild tabard
Deneus - 22:16 27. February 2005

The new guild tabard has been created.
Go pick one up, and show yourself in the official colors of The Delightful Knights. :)

Weekly Maintenance
Myrddin - 18:01 18. February 2005

Blizzard sez;

"... This technical maintenance is a regularity which is scheduled for every Friday morning. From now on, we will try to keep it in the time frame starting from 7:00 to 11:00 (GMT+1) every Friday morning.
Thank you for your understanding."

We are officially a guild!
Kazuo - 21:58 17. February 2005

That's right, after about a week of playing we have managed to gather enough players to officialy start our guild!

A good little bunch, we think, and I'm looking forward to spending numerous hours with them and rocking up the server. We are still accepting more members, so if you're looking for a guild on Shattered Hand, look no further!

Here's our member-list so far:

We are now recruiting!
Kazuo - 17:10 15. February 2005

The Delightful Knights are in search of other players fighting for the glorious Alliance.

The current members in the guild have different backgrounds when i comes to MMORPG's, some have played quite alot, while others are rather new to the whole MMORPG experience.

We are looking for mature players, preferably in the age 20+, but every application will be asessed on an individual basis so don't be afraid to apply.

To apply, visit our forum.

On another note, Blizzard sold 280,000 copies of World of Warcraft on the 11th, and another 100,000 on the 12th, making a total of 380,000 copies sold in Europe the first weekend.
Nothing short of impressive, and several of the realms (including our beloved Shattered Hand) have already been marked as heavily populated.

Just for the record, Shattered Hand have just recently been added to the list, so it ain't that crowded.

World of Warcraft finally released!
Arve - 16:27 11. February 2005

After standing in line for about an hour, and freezing our asses off, Robert and myself have gotten our greasy hands on four very nice World of Warcraft-boxes, and a couple of huge posters as well.
With the game in our posession, we got a great weekend in front of us and numerous hours to waste :)

We (read: Arve) have, as the only one who have managed to register an account and create a character, chosen the Shattered Hand (PvP) realm as our playground.

See you all in Azeroth!