Delightful links
Last updated 10. Feb. 2005

Links we actually care about
NSGP.Net - The guys who painted your dog blue.
Midgard.NSGP.Net - The best computer-party in Norway.
Del-Avante.Com - Home of the world-famous "Lastkalkulator".

World of Warcraft related
Forums-En.WoW-Europe.Com - The official English WoW forums.
Thottbot - The ultimate database for everything in WoW.
WorldOfWar.Net - One of the best (if not the best) fansites.
WoW-Europe.Com - The official EU WoW site.
WoWNorge.Net - The Norwegian fanpage.
QuestKeep.Com - Quest guides for WoW.

Maddox.Xmission.Com - The best page in the universe.
Penny-Arcade.Com - One of the best web comics.
ToTheGame.Com - Worlds biggest releaselist for games on most platforms.