Information about The Delightful Knights
Last Updated 22. Aug. 2005

We are The Delightful Knights, a World of Warcraft guild that spend their days at the lovely Shattered Hand PvP realm. The guild was established right after the European release, 17th of February 2005 to be exact, and this makes us one of the oldest active guilds at the server.

The guild concists of a nice bunch of people, who all share one thing - their love for the deep forests of Azeroth, and the adventures that are to be found within.

The Delightful Knights is currently a mid-size guild, with somewhere around 30 level 60's, and lots of other working hard to get there - we are, of course, always looking for new and decent members who's able to act mature and know how to work properly in a group.
We have yet to take down Onyxia or Molten Core, but we are slowly working our way there, as we all want to give Onyxia a proper asswhoopin' and make Molten Core freeze over.

The story of The Delightful Knights is an ever-changing one, and the most exiting chapters is yet to be written as we go head on with the greatest evils of Azeroth and keep livin' large and in charge.

If you'd like to join The Delightful Knights, you got several options; you could /whisper either Alvarin, Deneus, Jolia, Kazuo, Lucina or Myrddin ingame, and if you're one of the lucky ones, you'll be accepted into The Delightful Knights, and you're ready to ride around in Azeroth being over 164,5% more delightful than you used to!